shabby peonies

Saturday, April 28, 2012

French style buffet/sideboard

I do not remember if I ever gave this piece a name. I suppose I should look at older entries. Anyway. She is DONE! The new palm sander I got for my birthday came in handy right away for getting the nasty paint off the top. After briefly considering sanding the whole thing down to its 'altogether,' I called it a day at the underside of the top. 

One thing I haven't figured out is why this has an open face. I'm assuming it used to have drawers because there were some dips on the inner side walls that could be filled nail/screw holes. I think it would look great with small curtain rods installed across the front to 'hide' whatever you would store here. Maybe rods top/bottom so the curtains wouldn't just blow around and would really conceal. 
 This shot really shows off the rich red of the stain. Now I just want to find lots of naked furniture and stain portions this color because it contrasts so well with cream/white. On the fronts of the 'legs,' I sanded down to the wood in a few sections and stained it to match the top so it would kind of tie the whole thing together when it was distressed.

 Too bad the lighting in our front room is almost TOO bright. It kind of washes out everything when it comes to picture time.
$200 makes this YOURS!SOLD!

Friday, April 20, 2012

April is more than half over???

This lovely little piece has gone on to a new home. I hope it's happy and loved!

It took for-ev-er to sand through the paint on the top of this piece. Seriously. I wanted to give up about halfway through and just resign myself to painting the whole thing again. But the deep 'Red Mahogany' is gorgeous so I suppose it was all worth it.