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Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10, 2013

These two faces are a large part of why I haven't gotten anything 'done' lately. haha. One of these days, I'll be brave and just let them help. How could they mess anything up with chalk paint, right??

French grain sack-inspired IKEA hack - $80

I finally got the hardware in my grubby little hands for this dresser. I love it so much! I'd be happy to sell it but I'm also just as happy to keep it and just paint the other one instead. 

This sweet little dining table is actually already spoken for. I bought it thinking I would paint it right away and sell it and one thing after another came into the garage and ended up in front of it. Whoops! Anywhoo.. it's finally 'in progress' so yippee!

Just a quick coat of white to get started. I'm thinking there will be two more coats before it gets a coat of poly and goes home. I wish I had the right kind of chairs to go with it. 

Frederick here wants to go home with somebody. I picked him up for my brother but I'm not sure he was quite what they had in mind so... I'm just refinishing it in anticipation of someone realizing that this is Their Table. It's got great lion head pulls on the sides and the leather inlay is actually in really good shape so it's not coming out. The legs have wheels, so moving this fella around is a breeze!

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  1. wishing I had a LOT more room so I could use that table! hoping for good 'working' weather for you :)